Dear Dave

I guess it is time for another letter, so who to write to this time well since I have done my parents, sisters and daughters so I guess it is time for my brother David so here is goes

Dear Dave

You are my baby brother, but you tower over me not as much as you do Jeannie but still you do, you are mum’s favourite and everyone knows it and no none of us have a problem with that it is just the way it is and it has been like that since you were born.

You have always been a mummy’s boy and not ashamed to say it, as a child you were the most annoying child and would talk to me like I was trash at times and I often would think if you spoke to any other adult the way you spoke to me you would get into trouble but because I was your sister you got away with it.

Even now you seem to think because you are Dave you can get away with bloody murder but we love you and you are our baby brother so we just accept that it is like that.

I know you are there for me whenever I need you, not that I have needed you to have my back, I have Tim and he is always there for me more or less.

You have this cheeky grin that makes you adorable and forgivable, I knew when you were little you would be a heart breaker and I reckon you have managed to break a few hearts in your time.

I never thought you would be the awesome dad your are, I remember when Dawson was born I wondered how you would take to being a dad but you took to it like a duck to water and was an amazing dad, you still are which is why I think Liarna is a daddy’s girl. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised since you had a bloody marvellous teacher when it comes to how to be a dad……………

When you married Leigh you looked so bloody handsome and I was proud to be your sister, I still am proud to be your sister because you are a wonderful, loving and caring man. Like dad you are the type of man all men should strive to be, maybe that is one of the reasons we are not jealous of you being mums favourite.

You have this aura that radiates from deep inside that draws people to you, I love you bro or as Sandy would call you “bud” that is her name for you and it suits you.


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