Dear Jeannie

I will now write a letter to my first sister the one closest to me in age, my sister Jeannie

Dear Jeannie

Well you are only 6 yrs younger than me and when our daughters where little we were very close, hanging out together once or twice a week. I would watch your girls if you needed me and you watched my girls in return and our daughters would often have sleep overs at each other houses.

As children we were not overly close as you had Sue who is only a year younger than you so it was natural for you to hang out with her but when we were in our 20’s Sue was living in Lemon Tree Passage which for all who do not know is 45minutes away and we didn’t see Sue very often for many years but this is not about Sue it is about you.

You always seemed to know what you wanted from life unlike me who has just drifted through life.

You know I always thought you were mum and dads favourite child when we were little but that may have been because you had so many serious asthma attacks and had to be rushed to hospital many times and so in my young eyes you got your own way so often and seemed to get away with things that I would get into trouble for.

I do at times miss how close we use to be but such is life, we both have so much going on in our lives that we don’t have the time for each other well it seems that way.

I do remember thinking when I was little that it sucked that you didn’t have magical powers like Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie.


6 thoughts on “Dear Jeannie

  1. Who wouldn’t want magical powers? I used to practice the nose wiggle on Bewitched while cleaning my room in the hopes that magic would finish the job in a snap!
    Diana xo

  2. Hey sweetie, this is a terrific idea. I might have to do it for my sister. She and I have never been all that close. As we have gotten older we have though.


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