Dear Sandy

I have been thinking about whom I would write a letter to next and decided it would be my “baby girl” my youngest sister Sandra so here it goes.

Dear Sandy

I remember the night you were born, I was at nan & pops place while mum was in hospital and dad called in on his way home from the hospital and told us that mum had a little girl and she was going to be named Sandra Mae, I had been asleep but when I heard dads voice I got up and walked out to the lounge room.

I wasn’t sure how I felt when dad told us about you I was excited and a bit I don’t what the right term would be I felt strange, I was 15 when you were born and I didn’t know how I was going to feel about having a baby in the house. However, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with my baby sister, who I have thought of as my “baby girl” from pretty much day one.

I use to love to take you with me when I would walk around to the shops and when you were a toddler you would come and get into bed with me in the morning or sometimes during the night. I loved it when you climbed into bed with me and you would play with my hair if felt amazing and I thought I was so lucky to have this baby girl who I could pretend was my baby……………

Now you were a bit of wild girl as a teenager and gave mum and dad some sleepless nights and caused them a fair bit of worry, but you turned out pretty great coming through those rough years strong and amazing. You are now the mother of two absolute adorable little girls of your own, I am sure you are hoping that they do not give you as much worry as you did when they are teenagers………….lol

I have always felt close to you because you are in many ways like my first girl, in fact even though I only have 3 daughters I have 5 girls starting with you and ending with Kelli.

I love you sis, I love the woman you grew into and the mother you became but then we both had a pretty amazing teacher when it comes to motherhood.

You were always dad’s favourite and you were pop’s favourite as well, hell I think you are still dad’s favourite. I am not mum but like mum I will always be here for you because you will always be special to me, you’re my “baby girl” and I love you so much.

Above photos of your girls Denni & Temika aren’t they beautiful like their mummy.


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