Dear Kelli

Well I am now done with letters to my daughters so I will move onto the girl I call my sweetheart.

Dear Kelli

You are not my daughter, you are my niece but I love you like a daughter, since you have been living here with me and uncle Tim I have discovered how much we have in common and I love it just like I love you.

You may be my sister’s daughter but in my heart you are my youngest girl, my sweetheart. Damn you have grown into an amazing woman; you are a bloody fantastic mother and an even better cook.

It seems like only yesterday that you got your first tattoo and your mum went mad at me for not trying to talk you out of getting it and for saying it looked cool, however, I felt at the time you didn’t need to have me come down on you as Sue was doing that. Mothers are the one to read the child the riot act; aunties are the ones to offer support and understanding.

I know at some point you will find a place of your own to rent again and move out but I am not looking forward to that day, I know it has to happen but I have had a taste of what it is like not having you here when you went to stay at your mums place for a month while she was in Queensland and I missed you so much.

Even Uncle Tim said that the house seemed so quiet without you and Daemon here.

I worry that once you move out we will lose the close bond we have formed while you have been living here, I will also miss Daemon so much. You have the kindest heart and I know are there for me, on the weekend when I had a turn while out walking I knew you would come and fetch me which is why I asked mum/nanna to ring you because I knew I could count on you.

The love I feel for you is the same as the love I have for my daughters I know your Aunty Sandra doesn’t get that I love you like a daughter or that I worry about losing something from our relationship when you move, I guess I worry that it will be out of sight out of mind. Yeah I know I am being a worry wart but you know I am a worry wart at times.

I love you Kelli and I want to thank you for being such a bloody marvellous woman a wonderful and loving mother to Daemon, I am proud of you just like I know your mother and father are……………..ok maybe a little more……………lol


10 thoughts on “Dear Kelli

  1. Hi Jo-Anne,

    I agree, what a wonderful letter and I believe that as aunts we are there for support instead of always coming down on them. That’s their mother’s responsibility. I have two nieces myself and they come to me for advice because I won’t read them the riot act but they know I just have their best interests at heart.

    I bet it will be different when they move out so I know you’ll continue to enjoy their company while you have them. Just stay positive that the close bond that you have right now will remain. You’ll always be her loving aunt.


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