Dear Jessica

Well the time has come for me to write a letter to my youngest daughter Jessica aka…………… special girl………………..

Dear Jessica

Of all my daughters you are the one most like me, you are the one I nagged your dad to have, you are the one I often feel closest too. When you were born I remember counting your fingers and toes and thinking you were so beautiful, it wasn’t till later in the morning (you were born around 4am) when I went into the nursery to see you and feed you that I was told the doctor wanted to talk to me about your arm. I thought what about her arm I had no idea what they were talking about and when I saw what they were talking about I wondered how did I not notice when you were born.

You were born with a birth mark that ran down your left arm, but it meant nothing to me and I tried to instil in you that it wasn’t anything to be ashamed about it was just part of you, it wasn’t till you were in your teens that the doctor suggested doing something to remove the puffiness as he was worried it would interfere with your development of breasts.

You may not know that I was very very worried about you having surgery to remove it but I did try not to show it.

It wasn’t the first time you had surgery as you had to have surgery when you split your head open riding a pee wee 50 through a fence with no helmet. However all in all you didn’t cause me much worry as a child, you were not perfect and you did get into trouble and do things you shouldn’t have, such as throwing a brick at one of the neighbour’s son and missing him and smashing the windscreen on our car. You were there when Natasha broke the toilet at school, and you were the one who got pissed off and grapped a knife and stormed outside to “teach the little bastard a lesson” your words not mine.

You may not know this but I always thought you would have a baby by……………………..Leo’s father………………from the time I met him, I don’t know why I thought that I just did and well I was right. Although for the love of me I do not understand why you were nervous about telling me you were pregnant, hell what did you think I would say. I was over the moon at the thought of having a second grandchild.

You use to clash with your dad a lot, part of this was because I felt he couldn’t see you as an adult and still treated you like a child and of course you didn’t like that. I am glad thought that you and him get along better now that you don’t live in the same house as he does. Your dad is very proud of you; I think you know that I am sure you know that I am proud of you.

Yes I would love to have more grandchildren and yes I will joke about it but if you only have the one child that is fine with me, I want you to be happy, that is the most important thing to me but as mother yourself you will understand that.


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