Dear Natasha

The time has come to write a letter to my second daughter……….aka……… darling daughter Natasha

Dear Tasha

Hello my darling daughter, you are the child Tim wanted when Kathy-Lee was around a year old your dad decided he wanted another child and nagged me till I agreed, as a child you were so much a daddy’s girl as far as dad was concerned you could do no wrong.

You were always a bit of a wild child, doing what you want no matter what. Your first day of school you came home with blood on you uniform and when I asked what happened you said a boy was mean so you punched him………………….lol

While in primary you managed to break a toilet by standing on it and talking to your sister and cousin, you and Samantha managed to get into trouble without even trying……………lol

Than before we knew it you were a teenager and the trouble really started, you were a rebel and wild child staying out at night for all hours no matter what your dad and I did. I had many sleepless nights worrying where you were and what you were doing only going to sleep when you were home safe. You spent a lot of time with Samantha as a teenagers and I feel at times you were both bad for each other and wonder if you two didn’t spend so much time together would you have got into so much trouble.

I was so worried about you that at one point I feared for your life and lay in bed and prayed for someone to come into your life to get you away from those you were running around with. My prayers were answered and you did escape those who I felt were not good for you.

Some people may find it strange that I and your dad prayed for you to have a baby, we both thought if you had a baby you would settle down and that is exactly what happened when you became pregnant with Blain our first wonderful grandson.

You have not had the best taste in men, being with a few wastes of space guys over the years, but up until this year I have never ever said anything about them as they were who you chose to be with and if you are happy then I am happy. I, however, wonder if Jerry makes you really happy at times you don’t seem to be that happy with him. Also the fact that Blain doesn’t like him causes me concern, that said if you are really happy with him and if you and Blain can work something out regarding Jerry then I am happy for you. What I want most is for you to be happy and in love with someone who treats you well.

I hope you know that I am proud of the woman you have grown into and think you are a loving mother and sister.


6 thoughts on “Dear Natasha

  1. ok now u do know hun tash was a rebal so to speak before she started hanging with her cuz Sam….and she was with Neil that guy he was bad new if ya ask me it was his fault NOT sams …lol…

    1. I was not saying anything was Sam’s fault, I was just saying together they got into more trouble and I had forgotten about that Neil bastard, thanks for reminding me of him, that I could do without sis………………

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