Tiredness…………how do you do deal with it



Do you ever feel so tired that eating seems to much work?

Do you ever feel so tired that the thought of having a shower or bath seems to much work?

When you feel this tired what do you do?

Does it depend on the time of day and what else you have to do or does it make no difference because you are just so tired you don’t care.

For me the time of day and what else I have to do does matter, if it is late in the afternoon I just give into the feeling of being so tired I don’t want to do anything but if it is still around the middle of the day  or mid afternoon and I have more things to do I just suck it up and deal. I don’t whinge and bitch about being tired, I can’t see the point.

I have daughters who does just that whinge and bitch about how tired they are feeling but it doesn’t help it doesn’t make one less tired and doesn’t fix anything but yes I do get that a person might feel better if they have someone to bitch to about how tired they are.

When my daughter rings me in a state because she is just so tired and her child/children are driving her around the bend and she has no patience to deal with the child and wants to scream and hit things (not the child), I just listen and offer support and tell them I understand because I do understand I have been there back when my girls were little.

I however had no one to ring and bitch to, sometimes I would ring my mum and have a bitch to her but most of the time I didn’t I just sat in the hallway and cried and said aloud that I felt I couldn’t go on or endure another minute of being a mother.

Then after a few minutes I would pick myself up wash my face and go on and endure more because I was mum and that was what I had to do, it is what all mums have to do.

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