babysitting_rules boys

I so get this as the grandmother of 2 little boys I know how robust they can be, climbing on things and using everything they can as a weapon.  I remember being asked once what colour blood a dog has, and telling the child take my word for it you don’t need to cut the dog to see only to be told they would not cut the dog only stick a pin it it to see what colour the blood was. I didn’t allow that either.  However that was not said to me by a grandson but my youngest daughter, Jessica.

Boys love to take things apart to see how they work and then put them back together again, I know little Leo loves to examine things and will often want to take things apart to see how they go together and how they work.

Blain loves to use anything he can find as a gun or as a sword, and Daemon has started using his  mother’s lighter as a gun and she is forever taking it off him.

You don’t see little girls using different things as dolls or teddy bears, well none of my girls or granddaughters have done that. 

5 thoughts on “Boys

    1. No one things it strange when a girl likes to play “boy” games but if a boy wants to play “girl” games everyone is worried there is something wrong with him

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