How does a bedridden woman fall out of bed

This is my nanna, she will be 93 in May but that is not the point of this post, today mum and I went over to the nursing home to see her, we also had Liarna with us and we really need to plan to go over on a Saturday and take Temika with us as Temika as she has been saying that she misses seeing great nanna but that is also not the point of today’s post.

When we arrived this morning Pearla was there visiting nanna and she said she was there because the nursing home had rung on Sunday to say that nanna had, had a fall and she wanted to go over and make sure she was ok. Now nan is bedridden and in fact she doesn’t move even in bed the nurses have to move her so how the hell did she have a fall. They said she fell out of bed and she is supposed to have bed rails on each side of the bed and apparently she only had the bed rail up on one side of the bed and they thing she got tangled in the bedding and this caused her to fall. However I find that hard to get my head around as she doesn’t move I have never seen her move, well not in the last 3 years, while we were there the doctor came and checked on her and he said she was lucky she doesn’t have any bruises and only a few minor scratches.

Both mum and I were glad that we were there when the doctor came to check on her but mum also was annoyed that the nursing home rang Uncle Frank and not her, if we hadn’t been there today and saw Pearla would anyone had told mum about nan falling out of bed.

We went over to the nursing home early today as mum had to drive Kayla to school and when we got there nan was still in bed she hadn’t been showered yet and looked very sleepy but there are days when she is like that, sleeping and not really with it. Even though it is upsetting at times when we see her we still like to go each we to check in and see for ourselves what she is like.


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