News reports do they annoy you, they do me at times.

In the news here it is all about Schapelle Corby lately and I have to say I am so fed up and over hearing about her, I don’t care if she was set up or if she was guilty, I don’t care that she has been released from Kerobokan Prison or if she spent her first night of freedom in $1000 a night resort. I get she is news but do we really need 15 minutes of news reports telling us the same thing over and over again each night.

So my question to others is do you find that there is often so much focus on what this well know person or that celebrity is doing than what is really important, like crime in your local area or other events in your local area?

Like here in Lake Macquarie some Anzac day services have been cancelled due to the council being tight asses and charging for things that in the past have been free, this upsets me Anzac day is still very important here in Australia and the council need a right kick up the bum to help them see sense. However, as important as this is to people it was only on the news once and only a short story about it at that.




8 thoughts on “News reports do they annoy you, they do me at times.

  1. Move to America, I promise you will never have to hear about those things again 🙂

    But, you will have to hear about gang violence, rape, murder and the government all the time.

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