When I was little

When I was little I was pretty much a good girl, but not always I remember when we were living in Schroder Ave we lived across the road from a bush me and the little boy next door started a fire in the bush and the fire brigade had to be called to come and put it out.

There was also the time when instead of walking straight home from school I decided to go to a friend’s house, causing my parents a lot of stress and worry, I think they even called the police to find me, my friends older brother walked me home. I would have been beyond myself with worry if one of my girls had done that.

There was also a time when I was around 10 that I was accused of shop lifting from the local shop, I say accused because I didn’t do it, I was at the shop with a couple of friends and one of my friends was outside and called me to ask something and I walked to the door to find out what she wanted and the woman serving said I left the store without paying for my packet of chips it was one of those times when it seemed easier to just say I did it and not argue the point because as a kid I wouldn’t had won the argument.

There was one time when I wanted to sleep at the girl who lived across the roads house, this was when we lived in Flame St anyway I carried on so much about what terrible parents I had who never let me do anything, they gave in and let me and I remember thinking afterwards that I should had stayed home as I didn’t have a good time.

See there was only a few naughty things done by me when I was little.


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