Pain do you suffer form it?

How often do you suffer from it?

Is it a daily event and if so does it slow you down or stop you from doing things?

The reason I ask is because today I am in a lot of pain and when I say a lot I mean a bloody lot of pain, I have had to move my laptop so I can sit in my arm chair to use it, I have taken pain killers to help with the pain but as yet I have had little relief from the pain.

I have had a lot of back pain for years; it is so bad that I have to use a shopping trolley for support when I go shopping if I don’t use one I am in so much pain before I even get inside the building.

It hasn’t stopped me from going for a walk each morning although by the time I get home I have to have a lay down in order to be able to function again due to the pain. I am hoping the more I walk the better it gets but I can only take it slowly. In fact I can only just manage to walk around the block at a pretty slow rate but it is a start.

Now my mum is in pain with her back 24/7 and she takes morphine for the pain but it doesn’t stop her doing much, she still cares for children every day and still manages to walk better than I do at times, I do wonder how she does it at times.

I also suffer from pain in my right knee and I have to say that is getting worse as well, my knee either goes out on me or locks up on me and this makes walking difficult at times, all I can really do is take it one day at a time and one step at a time.


9 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Oh my. I don’t like that you live with pain Jo-Anne. I don’t have constant pain. If I did, I think I would lose my mind. Hope it eases up for you Jo-Anne or doctors can figure out how to fix it.
    Diana xo

  2. So sorry to hear about your pain. I don’t know how some people do it. My grandmother has had too knee surgeries and it’s almost literally impossible to get her off the roof of her house from cleaning the gutters.

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