The Most Amazing Woman I Know

On the 31st of January 1940 the most amazing woman I know was born in the town of Parkes she was the first child of Flo and Mervyn they would have 2 more children before the divorce when she around the age of 4. After her parents’ divorce she went to live with her maternal grandmother in the country town of Byabarra which is a small country town the closest large town was Wauchope,_New_South_Wales.

As a child mum had to walk a long bloody way to school after getting up and going to her aunt & uncles farm to fetch the milk which was up the hill a ways from her grandma’s house, they didn’t have an inside toilet or a bath, mum use to have a bath in an iron tub which had to be filled with hot water that was heated on the stove.

Mum lived in the country till she was about 14 or 15, it was after her grandmother passed away that the family moved to Newcastle, the family consisted of my nan & pop along with mum, her brother Ronnie and Sister Diane and baby brother Frank.

My nan married my pop when mum was about 10, mums stepfather was her “dad” he is the one who raised her, he was the one she called dad.

In 1958 mum met my dad there were both working on the trains, they married in 1960 mum is 2yrs older than dad but that didn’t bother them and they are still together and still in love. They had 5 children, Jo-Anne, Jeannie, Susan, Sandra and David and a total of 17 grandchildren, Kathy-Lee, Natasha, Jessica, Samantha, Tina, Tyler, Tom, Heather, Vaughan, Kirsty, Kelli, Zac, Temika, Denni, Dawson, Kayla & Liarna and 9 great grandchildren, Isabel, Holley, Lenny, Blain, Leo, Sydney-May, Summer, Hayley & Daemon.

Mum is one of the busiest women I know she never seems to stop; she never needs to have a nap and is up at 5.45am everyday more or less taking care of kids, she often has to drive Kayla to school and Liarna to day care and of course she has to get Dawson up so he can get ready for school. Mum is Dawson’s main carer and the one constant in his life.

Growing up I always thought if I was as a good as mother as my mum was then I would be a great mum.


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