Work for the dole, yay or nay

Well hello everyone, I spent the weekend and by weekend I mean from Thursday night at my brother’s house, I was house/dog sitting and came home yesterday have to tell you that I was glad to get home for some reason I had trouble sleeping at Dave’s don’t know why just did. Well the first two nights when I went to bed there was this smell it didn’t matter if I had my Cpap mask on or not it was still there, anyway after a few hours of not being able to sleep because the smell bothered me I sat up and thought what is that smell………..I than thought it smells like and old lady. That was when I thought of Aunty Joyce who use to own the house, the room I was sleeping in was her room so I said aloud to the room “Aunty Joyce if that is you causing that smell, please stop it, I know you are here but the smell is bothering me and I want to sleep” than I went to the toilet and when I came back the smell was gone.

Ok moving on to, “work for the dole” now we have had work for the dole here in Australia for a while but it was voluntary, now that are making it compulsory and I know many people are in favour of work for the dole, they like the thought of the unemployed getting out and doing something for their money.

However, did you know there was going to be a, however?

Well there is and this is it.

My sister did work for the dole, she was demeaned and treated like shit and made to feel like shit she was spoken to rudely and all she did for 8 hours was sort rags for a charity she was only allowed 2 minutes for a toilet break. My sister has a fragile mental health state and it pushed her to breaking point one day she was very sick and my mum rang to let them know she was unable to attend they reported that she didn’t show up and she had her payment stopped even though she had rang after that was sorted out she had another day she was a few minutes late and the women (boss) told her to leave and not come back and she again lost her payment this all pushed her closer to suicide so work for the dole sounds good and all but some employers just see it as free labour who can be pushed about and demeaned and for that reason I am not in favour of it.

Now my sister isn’t the only person I know of who has done work for the dole, my nephew did it also and he was also treated in a demeaning way, my niece has a friend who gave it a go and that friend was treated poorly as well. In fact I the people I know who have done it or know someone who has done have nothing good to say about it. The only people who think it is a really good idea are those who have had no experience with anyone doing it.

So here is my question of the day, do you have a work for the dole program where you live and if you do, do you think it works or is it something you have never given any thought about.


11 thoughts on “Work for the dole, yay or nay

  1. It does sound like a good idea – on paper – that said it takes two for a program like that work and what a shame employers have to be that nasty and not appreciative. Sad to say but I am sure if America would ever do a program like that we would have the same results. Many forget that most people do not want to be on welfare but I know around here business’s and factories are closing and there are no jobs, and families need taken care of, what is left? I am sorry that your sister had a terrible experience.

      1. So true. We had a program here that taught men and women how to cook healthier but inexpensive foods, caring for the children and some job training but like anything else it did not last due to budget cuts. I served on the board, it was an honor to be part of this program.

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