Playing outside, yes or no or only if you are watching.

Do you let your little ones play outside?

Are they allowed outside in an area that isn’t fenced in?

By little ones I am talking about 2, 3 or 4yr olds, this comes to mind as I sit here watching Daemon while his parents are out, they have started to look for a place of their own to rent and today went and bought a second hand bedroom suite and put it into storage. Anyway since it has cooled down here I opened the front door and let Daemon play outside on the front lawn and he has been pretty good in that he has been playing on the lawn and not wondering off. I of course have been keeping a close eye on him while he has been outside.

Now I remember when we first moved to this place way back in 1988 sounds like a long time ago doesn’t it, anyway the point I was going to make is that the first month we were here Kathy-Lee was out the front playing and she wondered off and no one could find her, Tim was supposed to be watching her. This made me very nervous about letting her out the front in future and in fact for a long time she was only allowed to play out the back yard.

I think it is normal to be nervous about little ones playing outside out of our sight, they can wonder off so easily you only have to take your eyes off them for a few moments and they are gone. Little Leo was a terrible one for wondering off and in fact you could not take your eyes off him at all, I had a few times when he was in the lounge room watching tv and I went to the toilet and when I came back he was gone. This in fact only happened a couple of months ago, and he is now 6yrs old.

In fact Leo is the one, who as a toddler was playing out in my backyard and when I went out there to check on him he was missing. I was calling for him and a man walking past the back fence picked him up and said “is this who you are looking for”? Yes he had managed to climb over the back fence, we had the back gate locked so he couldn’t open it and get out but he had climbed on the dog house and jumped the fence.

Kelli has allowed Daemon to play outside here a few times, but most of the time he plays in the house, in fact right now we have toys all over the place that he has been playing with but that is ok I don’t mind, I know that Kelli will clean up before he goes to bed tonight as she does every night.



8 thoughts on “Playing outside, yes or no or only if you are watching.

  1. If you have more than one playing outside then they typical keep an eye on one another, even if they are not directly playing together. I looked every few moments when they were young, less as they got older. But, never was I not checking to make sure they were fine. My boys played outside most of the day when they were young and all have so many fond memories of that.

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