Computers do ever feel like hitting it a hammer

Computers how did we ever get by without them, can you remember what life was like before we had computers?

Where you one of those who rushed out and bought a computer, as soon as they became available for home use?

Do you have a laptop or a desk computer, or maybe you have moved onto a notebook or and ipad or tablet.

If your computer isn’t working right how do you feel?

Do you take it in your stride or do you have a melt down?

These questions came to me yesterday, when I was having computer problems, the cause of my computer problems was either the Pepsi max that was spilt on it or the bashing it took from Summer & Daemon, ok it was most likely the Pepsi as once it dried out it started working normally again. The problem was the keys when I hit the “A” key a help page would open up and “f & n” would give me 6f & 8n talk about a pain, the biggest pain was the “a”.

I ended up using the on-screen keyboard to write comments on people’s blogs but didn’t know how long I would have the patience to do that as it takes longer to do it that way, but it was better than nothing, right………………………

Anyway in frustration I called a computer tech guy (Michael) and said my granddaughter stuffed up my computer, and to be honest at that stage I did think the bashing the keyboard did something. Anyway he comes and looks at it and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it other than the keys were sticking for some reason, I had forgotten about the Pepsi he ended up giving up and said if I wanted to back up everything he would take it home and work on it. However an hour later it was working normally again, and I did a happy dance.

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