Today’s word of the day is rambunctious.
It is an adjective that means noisy and lacking in restrain or discipline.

This post has been inspired by this fella who can be found here: http://thisblogneedsatitle.com anyway let’s get to the point of the post.

Rambunctious children, when I was a child and even when my girls were little the term rambunctious child was pretty common, now days if a child is rambunctious then often their parent will think there is something wrong with them. Yes some children are over the top and may have a problem but other children especially boys are just children loud, crazy, normal children.

To mean it seems at times that society does not want children to be loud and crazy; children are often not allowed to make a lot of noise because the parent is watching telly or using the computer and for some reason the child is not allowed outside were they can run around and make a lot of noise. Yesterday I had both my grandsons here along with Summer and Daemon and the house was loud and the boys spent most of the time running around like lunatics but they had fun, there were also running in and out of the house all day.

I know that when you go out you want your children to be well behaviour but when they are at home they need to be children and that means having times when they are a little crazy, they also need though to know that there are times when it is quiet time and they have to play quietly or sit and watch telly quietly. I believe children can be taught to know that there are times when they can be loud and rambunctious and there are times when they need to be quiet and peaceful.


8 thoughts on “Rambunctious

  1. On the flip side there are also people (too many if you ask me) who let their kids do whatever they want. Wanna scream in someone else’s house? Fine. Wanna go and disrespectfully wander through someone’s house even when they asked you not to? Fine.

    It’s this laissez faire attitude with parenting that I can’t stand. I see it a lot with America’s youth in public schools.

  2. Parenting is the toughest job in the world. I agree that there are times for everything. I like your idea of structuring those times Joanne! Yet what sounds good in theory is often a whole different ball game in practice and it takes consistency – I wasn’t always successful with that, that’s for sure.
    Diana xo

  3. Yes. Yes. and YES! Children can easily be taught how to behave in all social situations. One does not scream and run around in a library. But, running around in a gym is okay. Scream (aka cheering) at a hockey game is okay. I had five lads ,and yes, they were rambunctious, at the appropriate time and place. Like home. For me, that was without discipline, but noisy to have fun and enjoy. Good word.

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