Fitting in

I am watching a kids show “Sofia the First” and it has made me think about how often people try to fit in and in doing so they try and change who they are, I am sure we have all tried to fit in with the so called cool people this is something that usually happens when we are children and at school. However, some people spend most of their lives trying to fit in and be who they think others expect them to be.

I could tell you that I was one of those people but in truth I was not I have always been happy with who I am but as a child, hell for most of my life I have been a loner. When I was at school I was often alone, but I wasn’t lonely. I did have some friends when I was at school but often they would annoy me and I would prefer to be alone. In high school I usually hung out with Cathy who was my best friend but out of school I would prefer to be on my own.

I think it is sad that some people feel they have to act differently to how they are in order to fit in, I know being accepted is a big thing for all of us but I also think loving who you are and being happy in your own skin is also very important and it is sad that so many people have trouble accepting who they are.

Most of us learn to be happy with whom we are as we age, but there are those who are still trying to fit in well into their lives and can be middle aged or older and still trying to be something they are not.

I think one reason many try to fit in and be someone they are not is because being different often means being bullied and no one wants to be bullied.

7 thoughts on “Fitting in

  1. I think people try to fit in a lot. Whether at school or work there is usually a need to be at least somewhat liked. It just makes things easier. I don’t mean changing who you are but more of like going with the flow.

  2. It’s odd because if you think about the best loved books and movies, ect, they are about the person who doesn’t fit in. It’s a paradox that we seem to relish individuality as an idea yet it’s often punished in practice.

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