Boxing Day was a couple of days ago

Good morning I am writing this on the 28th two days after Boxing Day now some of you might be wondering what is Boxing Day well I could tell you but I would have to Google it first to find out so I am not telling you if you want to know Goggle it yourself………………….lol

I can tell you it has nothing to do with boxing reindeer punching Santa or anything to do with boxing at all as far as I know, the reindeer might gang up on Santa but I doubt it. It does have a lot to do with crowds and shopping and people fighting for a so called bargain which in all honesty would still be there in a week’s time, unless they are lucky to get one of the rare really cheap items that are around on Boxing Day. Where I live our Boxing Day sales start on the 27th as the shops are not open on Boxing Day here. I try not to venture out to the shops if I can avoid it but this year I had to go out shopping yesterday and the crowd at Charlestown Square drove me nuts. Picture isn’t Charlestown Square but it was that crowded.

Boxing day is also about cricket not that I am a cricket fan but is about cricket as well and of course it is about a boat race, the Sydney to Hobart yacht race that so many take part in, another thing I don’t get.

For me Boxing Day is a day when I do nothing, why because Christmas Day is so full on so the next day is a day to just chill.


2 thoughts on “Boxing Day was a couple of days ago

  1. Boxing Day was a British tradition also celebrated in Canada. I had no clue Australia also partook. It was originally started by the wealthy who needed their servants to work on Christmas Day so they gave them the next day off and boxed up gifts and leftovers so that their families could also celebrate Christmas. In Canada, families of long ago would box up their leftover food and give it to the poor on the 26th.

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