A bloody great Christmas

How was every one’s Christmas?

Mine was great Tim and I slept in till nearly 8am we woke up just before Natasha turned up to get her presents, I could say to exchange presents but that would be wrong since she didn’t give her father anything which upset me. She gave me a couple of photo frames which are lovely but her dad got nothing and this really bugs me, mostly because I gave her $400 worth of gift cards and she couldn’t buy her father anything.

Jessica gave me a typewriter which I love I have wanted one for ages now and now I have one and I am so happy, even though Tim doesn’t understand why I wanted one but he doesn’t need to understand he isn’t the one who is going to use it. I also got some jewellery and a lap desk for me to use at night when I am writing in my diary and doing puzzles and such oh yeah I can of course use the laptop on it as well.

There were about 15 people at mums for lunch yesterday, Kathy & Michael didn’t come because they had Christmas lunch at their house for his family and Kathy said she had about 15 people there as well. She did say she is amazed that mum is still doing Christmas lunch at the age of nearly 74; yeah mum will be 74 at the end of January.

I think everyone loved the gifts I gave them, I hope they did mum said she tried on the shoes I gave her today and found them strange as they are toning shoes which means they rock as you walk and she said it is going to take some getting used to them.

Last night I opened the bottle of scotch that mum gave me but I only had one small scotch and coke last night I have had a couple this afternoon as well. I do like a couple of drinks but I don’t have strong drinks and only a few at them most I am just not much of a drinker.


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