I Love Christmas


I love Christmas it is my favourite time of year, how about you what is your favourite time of the year?

I have found as I get older I love Christmas more and I love to decorate the house for Christmas now days we have these decorations that you just stick on the wall which I use a lot of and along with ornaments that have my grandkids names on them and photos of my grandkids as well.

Last night Tim came out into the lounge room with his phone and took a photo of the dining room table with all the presents on it to send to his cousin Christine, he wanted to show her that we are “givers”. He sounded proud when he said to me that he told her we are givers and love to spoil people at Christmas and that we send out Christmas cards to connect with those we care about not in order to get something back because giving is more important than getting.

So even though he will complain about how much I buy and such he is also proud to be married to someone who loves to give and share with others. I made a comment to him recently that after 30 years together he should know what I am like and his reply was he does and it is one of the reasons he loves me.


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