Smile for the birdy

Ok I know not everyone likes having their photo taken, but hey the person taking the photo is doing so for a reason, it may be an event or it may be because they love you and want a photo of you. So how hard is it to suck it up and deal, smile and look happy the above photo was taken by me last Thursday at Dawson’s end of year school presentation day this is the best shot of him I could get. When taking a photo of Dawson it helps if he doesn’t know you are taking it but even then it may not be the best shot of him.

It must be a male thing, well at least in my family as many of the male members of it don’t like to have their photo taken and Dawson is one of them, it is really hard to get a nice photo of him. The photo below was taken by me off one of his achievement awards he received of Thursday, it is a much nicer photo, so you can see he can smile and look happy it just doesn’t happen very often.


4 thoughts on “Smile for the birdy

  1. Yay a Joannerambling post! I was just about to shut down for the night and saw your post come up in my reader. It’s a kid thing. When I got my first driver’s license the guy taking the picture said, ‘smile!’ and I shot back, “I AM SMILING” He shrugged and took the picture…

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