In-Law’s love them, hate them or don’t think about them

I am sure my own mum could relate to this, she is 73yrs old but she is still driving kids to school and day care and minding babies and toddlers 5 or 6 days a week, and cleaning up after them. Would she have it any other way, NO, she loves doing it yes there are days when she is so exhausted and wonders why she is still doing these things at 73yrs of age.

Now I may not be a mother in-law yet although Kathy-Lee is in a serious relationship and is hoping it is a till death relationship but still I do not think Michael think of me as a mother in-law but that is neither here nor there in my opinion I think of him like a son in-law and I treat him like one too.

Tim is very close to his mum in-law in fact God help you if you say anything against him or does anything to harm him because my mum will attack you fiercely as if he was her own child. The same can be said about how Tim feels about mum, in many ways he has been closer to her than he was to his own mother.

I have often wondered how he is going to support me when the time comes that I lose mum, as I will be a wreck and so will he be………………………………….lol

Tim has called my parents mum & dad since before we were married and he has said many times that my parents have treated him better than his own parents did, Tim wasn’t used to a close knit family like how my family is, he has also said many times that he hopes he is as good a parent as my dad is. A long time ago he said he wanted his daughters to think of him the way me and my siblings think of our dad, it is my dad he strives to be alike.

My mum has always treated her son in-laws and her daughter in-law like family and would never say a bad thing about them, even if she didn’t like them much, she would keep her thoughts to herself saying if they make my child happy than I am happy.

I can’t say I had the same relationship with my mother in-law, for a number of reasons; the big one being that I only saw her once or twice a year and the second one was she gave me the creeps. It is hard to explain why she did there was just something about her that gave me the creeps maybe it had to do with how she smelt or how disgusting her house was I don’t know I just didn’t look forward to visiting her. This rubbed off on my children they also didn’t like visiting her, in fact when we went for a visit before getting to her place we would have to stop at Macca’s to use the toilet and then when we left we would go straight to Macca’s for another toilet visit………………….lol

So do you have in-laws? Do you get along with them? How do they treat you?

5 thoughts on “In-Law’s love them, hate them or don’t think about them

  1. I am not super close to my inlaws but i don’t mind spending time with them. It is lovely that Tim is so close to your family like that

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