Christmas………….decorate………..or not…………

Well the time has arrived for me to decorate my house for the Christmas season, I do love this time of year, and love to have the house decorated. I don’t go overboard with the decorations, well I don’t think I do but Tim might think differently but he doesn’t say anything about the decorations he should know what I am like after 30 yrs together. In past years I would have Christmas decorations hanging on things around the rooms now I use the decorations that stick to the walls and windows a lot I prefer them now so much easier. I even decorate my car with those stickers that go on the windows.

Now you would think growing up in a house that has lots of Christmas decorations up, you would decorate your own home when you move out but I have three daughters and none of them have been big on decorating but they are getting better. I have told my girls you don’t have to do it for yourself do it for your child, as Christmas is all about children in my opinion but not just children there are adults like me who love Christmas as well.

When I have finished my decorations I will take photos and post them on my blogs like I did last year, and yeah I know I didn’t have this blog last year…………………

So here is the question for this post are you a Christmas decorator, or do you prefer to not have many or any decorations up at all, maybe you are not a Christian and don’t do Christmas I get that, I know we are all not Christians and there are religions that don’t do Christmas that is fine we are all different and all so alike at the same time.


9 thoughts on “Christmas………….decorate………..or not…………

    1. Tim came home last night and the first thing he said was “more decorations” I had decorated the car, I use the window stickers and stick them on the back windows to give the car a Christmas look

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