How do you feel about birthdays

For those who don’t know I recently had a birthday and turned 51, I went around telling people that I am now just over half a century old, I had a great birthday got some great presents, such as jewellery and clothes and flowers and a new tattoo……………see……………. it matches Jessica’s little hand on her right hand but mine is bigger and I added Leo to it……………..I love it……………

However this post isn’t really about my birthday it is more about birthdays in general, so here is my question how do you feel about birthdays?

Do you have a problem with telling people how old you are?

My nan wouldn’t tell anyone how old she was, she would say that you are only as old as you think you are and your age is just a number. I get that in my head I still feel 20-22 but I have no problem telling people I am 51.

I think I look my age, I don’t think I look younger than my age or older than my age I look like a 51yr old woman, I have no wrinkles but I do have grey hair which I dye so I do not feel older than I am. I am wearing a new dress in the above photo which was given to me by my niece Kelli for my birthday.

I know some people who look older than their age (my sister Sue), it is no fault of her own it is just the way it is it is a family joke that Sue looks older than she is, the same can be said for my sister Jeannie she thinks she looks older than she is too……………Sue is only 44 and Jeannie is 45.

Do you look forward to your birthday each year or have you reached an age where you are no longer interested in your birthday?

Do you think it is just another day and nothing to get excited about?

I love my birthday and get real excited about each every year, yes there may come a time when I don’t but then again maybe not, my dad is 71 and he still gets excited about his birthday. I feel our birthdays are special days and should be embraced and enjoyed.


11 thoughts on “How do you feel about birthdays

  1. I’m not that big on my birthday mainly because I don’t have any one that really makes it fun for me. As for my age I hesitate telling people it sometimes because they think I’m 16 or something when I am 30.

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