Empty Heart


Empty Heart

When I saw this on Facebook I though oh so true, I know without my kids my life would feel empty. Everyone knows my family are so important to me and that my life revolves around my family.

I could leave this post at that but that would be boring and I don’t do boring, well I try not to do boring, I hope I don’t do boring…………………ok Jo-Anne get to the point…………….lol

If a person doesn’t have children is their lives any less full, any less exciting, or any less stressful.

I think not, their lives are just different from mine they have different stressing in life and different things that make their lives full and exciting.

I don’t understand why people have to be so bloody judgemental of those who do not have children, why do some people feel that the reason they don’t have children is because they can’t have children, maybe they have decided not to have children and if that is the case then so be it as long as they are happy with their decision no one else has the right to tell them they are missing out.

Maybe they don’t feel they are missing out, maybe they are happy with being just a couple of a single person without any attachments.

Children are not for everyone one, not every single woman on the planet wants to be a mother nor does every single man wants to be a father.

6 thoughts on “Empty Heart

  1. You know Joanne, I didn’t want children – yes I was one of those… but the minute they put my baby in my arms I fell in love with her – a love stronger than any love I have ever felt in my life!

    You’re absolutely right though, people should be able to decide for themselves. It breaks heart when a couple really wants children and they can’t pregnant though.

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