I am in a different state but only for a few more hours

Hi there everyone, now that sounds like someone from the “Simpsons” TV show………………………lol

Anyway I have not dropped off the face of the earth; I have just gone to Queensland instead, why you ask well for a short break away also to visit family, Tim’s cousin Christine who he hadn’t seen in close to 30yrs and our nieces Kirsty and Kelli and nephew Daemon. Now all them have been seen we are on the way home, should be home sometime tomorrow, have to be home by Wednesday for Tim to go to work and me to watch baby Summer.

The trip away has been relaxing and tense in parts, tense because of no real reason it is just that as I get tired and get headachy I get tense and bit short tempered. I had wanted to do a few things in Brisbane like visit a couple of museums but by the time we got to Brisbane everything was closed and so we pushed on to the Gold Coast which is where we spent last night.

The caravan parks we have stayed in have been nice but this one has a rundown feel to it and was the most expensive of the lot so far, the only good thing about it was that KFC was right across the road so that is what we had for tea last night.

We had a little excitement the motor home stopped on the motorway on our way to the Gold Coast it looked like we would have to call road side assistance and be towed but after Tim spent about half an hour trying to find out who to ring he finally told me to turn the motor home right off as in shut down the GPS but instead I tried it and it kicked over.

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