Another Birthday

Yes we have a birthday in the family my sister Sandra who I often call my baby girl is turning 36 tomorrow, were has the time gone. I can remember my dad turning up at my grandparents place around midnight 36 years ago to tell us that mum has had a baby girl. Sandra was born at 10.03pm weighing 6lb, I was so excited to have a baby sister as at the age of 15 it felt like she was my own little baby, which is why I guess I call her my baby girl.

Sandra and I have always had a close and special relationship, at night would come in and get into bed with me or if not during the night she would come and get into bed with me first thing of a morning. She used to love to baby with my hair.

When Sandra and David were only little I use to push them in a large old pram that mum had around to the corner shop with me and when I would go shopping at the local shopping centre I would also take Sandra with me. There was this woman who worked on the door of Kmart who for many years thought I was in fact Sandra’s mum.

I even took Sandra to school with me one day to show her off to my friends I was in year 9 at the time, some of the kids at school thought she was my daughter and I remember thinking how do you think I had a baby without anyone noticing but then I went to school with some right idiots……………………lol


6 thoughts on “Another Birthday

  1. You are so blessed to have a sister. Happy {belated} Birthday to Sandra!
    I love reading your stories about her….
    My oldest daughter is 21 today! We have several October birthdays in our family.


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