Tired or being tired or totally exhausted



I so get this I have spent a lot of my adult life feeling tired, I know it is part of being a parent all parents are tired and we all get tired of being tired at times.

I hate it when my daughter rings me in tears because she is so tired and feels like she just can’t do it any more and needs a break, or some sleep.

I know I am not great at going over there and helping her out, I like my own house and prefer to watch my grandkids here in my own home, maybe that is selfish of me but it is how I am. I doubt I will ever change, although as I said to Kathy today if she didn’t have to come out this way to go to work I would go to her place and watch Summer while she is at work but that is not the case she works only 10 minutes from me and as such she has to come out this way to go to work so she drops Summer off here and I watch her while she is at work.

When my girls where little I had no one to help me, know one came here to watch them while I did the housework, it was all me and even though Tim was a great husband and father when the girls where little he didn’t do a lot. He would get home from work and often not feel like doing anything much, he would watch the girls while I had a bath in the evening and in fact I think that is why back then I would have half hour baths it was the only time during the day that I got any peace.

So I had many years that I would feel tired of being tired but it was just the way it was and I just had to deal.

Yes there were many times when I would sit in the hallway crying because I was so exhausted and it all felt so hard and I just wanted a break. I remember saying out loud “I can not endure any more” then I would cry for a bit. The I would get up and carry on because that is what I had to do.

It was just the way it was, once a girl became a mother she was the one expected to do everything, look after the kids, take care of her man, do all the housework and all the cooking and I am sure many women would get totally exhausted and would feel that it was all just so hard.


13 thoughts on “Tired or being tired or totally exhausted

  1. we also dont have anyone to look after our kids (we say the only sitter we have is sending them to school) it can be hard at times where walking away and sitting alone sounds great but cant be done as we have children/family

  2. It’s hard when the kids are small. As a single mum, I remember crying often. I had friends who offered to help but for some reason I didn’t take them up on it. I had this sense that it was my responsibility, that I had made my bed and now I had to sleep in it. If I could give any advice to new mothers, it would be if someone offers help, take it.

    1. I have told Kathy that she is not the only mum to feel that way but I am sure at times she things she is, she feels like they are her girls her responsibility and I get that I felt the same way but then she complains that no one will help her.

    1. That is good if the other parent isn’t to scared to watch the child, or in my husband’s case wouldn’t change dirty nappies and didn’t handle vomit or any other type of sickness

  3. Yes, there are days that are so hard. But like you said, you just have to get up and do what you have to do. Somehow you find the strength.

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