Good TV not Good Real Life

Ok who in the American Republican party was watching the West Wing and thought the episode “Shutdown” would be a good idea to have happen in real life.

In season 3 of the West Wing there was an episode called “Shutdown” While negotiating the federal budget, congress reneges on a deal for a continuing resolution to keep the federal government running. Bartlet refuses to concede to the Republican’s demands and the government is sent into shutdown (all nonessential employees to leave work), which lasts for several days. 

This from what I have heard on the news and have read on Yahoo’s home page is what has happened for real in the U S, when I heard the news the first thing I thought of was that episode of the West Wing…………..

6 thoughts on “Good TV not Good Real Life

  1. It’s the second time it’s happened in real life Joanne — it happened when Clinton was Pres as well. Very bizarre and very sad for the average worker — as Diana says — those who are causing the issue are not worried about their next pay cheque!

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