In Hospital again

My dad is in hospital again with Pneumonia Sunday night my sister Sandra had to talk mum into ring the ambos for dad as he was unable to breath at first he thought it was serious asthma attack and didn’t want to go to hospital. It was the second night he had trouble breathing but nothing was helping, so Sandra thought he needed to go to hospital.

At the hospital he was placed in a normal A & E bed but needed to pee so the nurse brought him a bottle so he could pee but trying to do so took so much out of him and made it so hard to breath that mum called the nurse in who took one look at him and ran off to fetch someone else to help him. He was then moved into the intensive care area of the A & E where a nurse was with him the whole time till he was moved to a ward.

He should be in hospital for a number of days again, I know it is frustrating going to A & E but sometimes it is the best place for you. I worry about my dad a lot lately, as he is forever fighting chest infections and lung infections and Pneumonia.

Also last night just as I was thinking I would go to bed my niece Kelli rang and asked if I would be able to drive her and Daemon over to the hospital, he was sick throwing up and she rang the afterhours GP who said to take him over. However she had left her car seat in Jono’s car and had no way to get there so she rang me, of course I went and picked them up and dropped them off at the hospital.

She told me this morning they ended up leaving the hospital without being seen as Daemon improved and was acting like nothing was wrong, of course when they got home he started throwing up again but today he is doing much better.


12 thoughts on “In Hospital again

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Joanne. It’s hard as adult children to watch our parents get older and sick.
    Blessings to you, your dad and your whole family.

    Oh what is A&E here it stands for Arts and Entertainment but that can’t be right…

    1. A & E stands for Accident & Emergency not Arts & Entertainment……
      Yes it is hard to see dad get older and frailer and sick so much of the time, thank you for your prayers and blessings

  2. Joanne – hope your dad is better and able to come home soon. It’s hard to be on the sidelines when our loved ones have health issues. You feel helpless. It sounds like you were able to get him the help and relief he needed so he could breathe again.

    When I was a kid my grandfather had emphysema spells and would have to be rushed to the hospital. He couldn’t stop coughing and couldn’t get his breath. He would tell us it was like someone was holding a pillow over his face.

    Prayers that this passes and he gets stronger and back on track.

    1. Dad is hoping to come home today, and mum has suggested they go and see their GP to see what they may be able to do if he has another attack. The problem stems from the fact that he only has 1 and a bit lungs, and will often find it hard to catch his breath.

      1. Hopefully, the hospital break will have given him a boost and some strength before he comes home. Maybe his GP will give some information that will help to be prepared. Helps to check out all options. Hope it all goes well for him and your family — love and hugs!

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