When No Get Turned Into Yes

I love all my girls but sometimes they are stressful, my special girl…………Jessica always tells me if I don’t want to do something I should just say so. So today when she rings and asks if I can watch Leo for a few hours this afternoon, for no reason other than he said he wanted to come to nanna’s place for a while, I didn’t feel like having him here so I said no but she went on and on till I said yes. So he was here for 3hrs while his mum went home to do nothing………….is it any wonder that I feel like I really can’t say no. When I do it makes no difference and I get talked into changing my mind and saying yes.


7 thoughts on “When No Get Turned Into Yes

  1. I can understand how you get tugged and pulled, Joanne. I feel that myself sometimes but I’m learning to value my needs and what I want too.

    It’s been hard for me to do but I feel better for it. We give permission to how others treat us and how we treat ourselves.

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