Cheques yes or no

Do you write cheques?

Do you have a chequering account?

Are cheques common place where you live, or not so much, years ago I remember my parents having a cheque account with a cheque book and for a while even Tim had a cheque book but not anymore. Now days for us at least cheques seem old fashion, everything is done via online banking or via direct debt when it comes to paying bills.

If we need to get a cheque to pay something we get what I guess would be called a bank cheque by that I mean we have a cheque issued from our bank account. Now days the tax department don’t issue tax refund cheques, you refund is deposited straight into your bank account.

How do you spell cheque/check?

13 thoughts on “Cheques yes or no

  1. I don’t have a cheque book these days, once I did a long time ago but the bank fees became horrific.
    I think they are really becoming less popular now unless you are a business

    1. Yes I thought Americans spell it different to us here in Aus, this post came to my while watching Judge Judy and she was asking if someone has a chequing account and it made me wonder if anyone did anymore.

  2. Hi Joanne – it does seem like checks (how we spell it) are going by the wayside same as libraries and books. We still use checks but online too, mostly like to pay cash. Even though, that’s getting way outdated.

    Hate to think where we’d all be if the one big computer in the sky that reads this stuff crashed. Talk about Armageddon.

    1. Our local library is still very popular although they have moved into “loaning” audio books that you just download to your computer. As I said in my reply to Diana that while watching Judge Judy and hearing her go on about chequing accounts, I started to think who has a cheque account now days……….

      1. I’m glad to hear your local library is popular. The way e-books are taking off I suppose they too have to improvise. It sure is a different world — has a lot of good things but the old things weren’t so bad either. It’s good to have the best of both.

  3. We only use checks to pay people like the hairdresser and the fellow who does our lawn. Almost all of our bills are paid on line now. I remember back in the day I would burn through so many checks each month! Grocery store, department store, I just spread them around every where!

  4. I write about two checks per week, to charities when asked in person to contribute and to two banks I have loans with. Otherwise, it’s debit card all the way!

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