Were Your Children Picky Eaters

I have three daughters and every one of them was a picky eater, the worse was Kathy-Lee who really didn’t like so much of the food I would make for her. In fact when she was around the age of 12 she went for 3 days without eating because I refused to get her Macca’s, Tim kept telling me that she would eat when she was hungry but I ended up giving in and getting her a cheeseburger.

When the girls where little I would make them egg flips for those who do not know what an egg flip is it is a milkshake with eggs in it, I would also add either ice cream or yogurt to it and that way I felt that they were getting all the goodness of eggs and milk and yogurt.

There were many times when the girls both me and Tim would get into a tiss over what the girls would or not eat and meal times would become very stressful. Now as a grandmother I am far less likely to stress out over what is or isn’t eaten by my grandkids.


6 thoughts on “Were Your Children Picky Eaters

  1. Thank goodness, no, I didn’t have picky eaters. My girls were always growing and to fuel that growth they had to eat. We never had a growth spurt in our house. Their entire childhood was a growth spurt!

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