My Dad’s Health

First up sorry to those who have read this over at my other blog but since I have mostly different reader on each blog I thought I would post this here as well.

On Friday morning mum rang me to tell me that my dad was not good, he was confused, unbalance kind of like off with the pixies when he spoke he was speaking gibberish and didn’t appear to hear those around him. This really concerned me and I wanted mum to take him to the hospital, in fact all us kids wanted that, however, after he went back to bed for a while he seemed better although he was still breathing terrible and coughing bad and mum was concerned he had phenomena or at least a bad chest infection.

She did take him to the doctor on Friday afternoon, who sent him straight to the hospital which is what me and my siblings said would happen, the doctor said he thought dad might have a collapsed lung. He doesn’t have collapsed lung thankfully was to go back to the GP today, when mum rang the surgery on Saturday to arrange and appointment the receptionist said she doesn’t make appointments, which left mum wondering why on earth she was there at all, ok she knew it was take money from the patients but still it was annoying.

I am still concerned he might have had another mini stroke as all those symptoms can be the sign of a mini stroke, mum of course didn’t mention all the confusion and being unbalanced and talking gibberish to the GP when they say him on Friday.

12 thoughts on “My Dad’s Health

  1. Does certainly sound concerning. Your mum probably should have mentioned the confusion to the doctor. I hope it doesnt happen again

  2. I consider myself lucky that my mom needs a ride to her doctor appts–It allows for an extra set of ears (and mouths) to communicate with the doc, and Mom appreciates it. I’m sorry you’re worried about your dad, and I hope he’s doing better. Never heard of “off with the pixies,” but I love it, actually; it totally conveys your meaning. i’ll say a prayer for your dad tonight. Thanks for stopping by…

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