Personality not racism



We all know racism is a bad thing and wrong in so many ways but this isn’t about racism it is about personality.

Sometimes I get the impression that you can’t say you don’t like someone who is of a different race to your own without someone thinking you are a racist. Sometimes it is not about a persons race it is about who they are or how they act, and how they treat you and those around them. There are so many idiots and dickheads in the world and guess what some of them are a different race from us.

If you don’t like your neighbour because your neighbour is a dick can you say so if the neighbour is a different race from you without someone saying it is racism.

To me a persons race doesn’t matter I don’t care where you are from, or the colour of your skin I care about what type of person you are and if you are a dick then you’re a dick and I may not like you because you’re a dick.

What does other’s think has it become harder to not like someone without being considered a racist.



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