Renewing Vows



Last weekend was the wedding of my beautiful niece Heather to here long time partner Paul, the wedding was held in their back yard with only grandparents, siblings and selected aunts and uncles invited. I went by myself as Tim had to work.

When I attend weddings it makes me think of my own wedding way back when, my wedding was lovely and everything a wedding should be, however, it wasn’t everything I wanted. By this I mean back then I didn’t have my own voice, I was only just shy of 22yrs old at the time.

Also my parents paid for pretty much everything so I kind of just went with the flow and let things be done more the way mum wanted it, as I said I didn’t have my voice. Let me explain more, the wedding cake was a traditional fruit cake, I don’t eat fruit cake never have I just do not like it my dress was my aunts dress and it was a nice dress but not really what I wanted when I look at my wedding photos now I think it was a big old fashioned. We also had a church wedding but what I had really wanted was a wedding held in either a park or at my parents place.

So lately as in the last few years I have thought about renewing our vows but Tim is not interested in doing so, ok let’s be honest here it is not the ceremony I want to do again as much as it is the reception thing, ok I want a nice chocolate wedding cake. I know how that sounds but what the hell it is how I feel.

So how does others feel about renewing wedding vows?

Did my married friends have the wedding they really wanted? 


12 thoughts on “Renewing Vows

  1. How about a nice anniversary party with your special cake? This way you get the “reception” and your cake… 🙂

  2. I had exactly the wedding I wanted (it was my 2nd soi learned from mistakes) but i do wonder about renewing my vows. Seems like a good excuse for a party with friends

    1. Second time around we are more likely to do it our way, me I will not have a second time around so hence the redo of the first one, but think I will go with Patty’s idea about the party

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