Emergency Plans


emergency Plan

Ok does anyone really have an emergency plan? I know we don’t have one, if the house caught fire while we are in it I have no idea how I would react maybe I would just freak out and run around in panic…………………….lol

Thankfully the are we live in do not have things like Tsunami’s or Tornados or cyclones we have had a earthquake way back in 1989 though. When the earthquake happened it wasn’t that bad here at my house, I do remember running out of the house in my bra without a top on……lol.

There have been times when I have been watching these disasters on telly and have said to Tim I have no idea how I would be if it happened here, and how we don’t have any kind of emergency plan in case of fire or flood, he just shrugs and says we will worry about it when it happens.

So do other people have emergency plans? If your house caught fire while you were in it would you know what to do or would you be like me and just panic…………..Do you  live in are area where natural disasters happen? If so are you prepared for one?


10 thoughts on “Emergency Plans

  1. We have a plan if the house catches fire, will we remember at that time, I doubt it! I am not good under pressure. :O

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