Life Choices


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Now this bit of advice seems so simple, but if it was truly that simple why do so many people keep making the same bad choices. Is it habit of is it something else, I try to make good choices I don’t know how often I succeed in doing so.

There have been times when I have heard this one or that one complain about how their life sucks and that keep making the same mistakes but they are the ones who keep making the same choices. If those choices are bad ones why are you still making them, pick better, do better.

I know there are those who think I have some kind of perfect life, it’s not perfect but it is mine and yes I have made bad choices but I accept that I did and try not to make the same mistake again. I put it behind me and move forward.

Life is full of choices we have to pick the best ones for us, sometimes it my not turn out to be the best choice if that happens accept you screwed up and move on and try not to go down that path again.

Some people I know have a habit of stalling or moving backwards and this is why they make the same bad choice again, they are not learning and they are not moving forward. Going forward on the same bad choice road is not going to get you anywhere you will find the road loops round on itself and you end up back where you started from.

So if you find yourself on a road full of bad choices and mistakes, stop, take a deep breath look around you and find the way off that road and move forward.


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