What you are


What You Are

We all know this to be true, so why is so hard for so many of us to accept it and to live with these thoughts in mind. I know that I find it very hard to accept that people love and care for me the way I am and that they don’t judge me on how I look or the size of my clothes. When a person can accept themselves and can look in a mirror and just see the good person they are then maybe they will be able to start living and enjoying life. I have come a long way I have more days when I do just see the loving, kind Jo-Anne and not the short, fat somewhat average looking woman that I have for many years seen in the mirror, however, it is not easy by any means.

It is hard because I do try to exercise and not eat to much rubbish food and still I keep getting fatter and fatter and I am told to hang in there it all takes time for the hard work to show, how long is does it take. Bloody hell I am 50 yrs old I have been doing all the right things most of my adult life and still I am overweight and in pain and I swear the next time a doctor tells me to lose weight I will go ape shit. I am so over hearing it tell me something I don’t know.

Life is hard but I do try, I get up every day whether I feel like it or not and no matter how much my back aches or my feet hurt I carry on because I am mum I do not have time to lounge around in bed. Although there are times that I feel like it life is to be lived and enjoyed and you can’t do that lounging around in bed all day, you have to put in an effort.


5 thoughts on “What you are

  1. you are a special person and it IS hard to lose weight and keep it off.
    Try not to be down, sweet lady, you are very much loved by your family friends and those of us who know you through your blogs
    Hugs and smiles xx

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