Me and My grandkids

Yesterday I spent most of the day home alone as hubby was at work all day but around 5pm I had to leave and go over to my precious first born’s house to watch my beautiful granddaughters Sydney-May & Summer while their parents went out for the night. I got there around 5.30pm and Kathy was just getting Sydney’s tea for her chicken and corn which she ate 95% off and me (nanna) was happy, I then gave her some pink milk.

After tea I gave both girls a bath then I made a bottle for Summer and while I was feeding her Sydney climbed up on the lounge and sat with me and by the time I had finished feeding Summer both girls were asleep. So I carried Summer to bed and settled her down then I carried Sydney into bed and settled her down……… about lucky………………the rest of the night past pretty quick.

I spent the time watching telly, free to air tv as they don’t have pay tv but that was fine Kathy and Michael arrived home around 10.30pm just as Summer was waking for another bottle so Kathy fed her and settled her down while I headed home.

After getting home I had a relaxing bath before heading off to bed, and of course this morning I slept in till 9am as it was close to midnight before I went to bed. Today I have done very little I did go down to Jessica’s place as Leo was upset because he left his stuff dog Basie and his toy dinosaur Harris here and wanted them back. He was so excited to see them when I arrived.

Tim has been busy outside today cleaning up some of the back yard and some of the front yard and have to say I can notice the difference to both yards.


8 thoughts on “Me and My grandkids

  1. You are such a great grandmother for the children, it is obvious they love spending time with you in how easy they are for you to babysit

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