It’s cold here…………how about there

Bloody hell it is cold here today, I am wearing two pairs of socks and long johns and track pants, as well as a singlet shirt and my nice warm dressing gown. I said to Tim that I am cold and what does he say “no it’s not” of course he wouldn’t think it’s cold, the man is strange anyway I also have another bloody headache I have been getting a lot of headaches lately and I am wondering if it has anything to do with how cold it has been.

Yesterday while I was at the doctors I asked what she would recommend for headaches and what does she tell me I am taking enough pain killers and I shouldn’t need to take anything else and that I should just lay down and rest when I get a headache. Also said I could try keeping the house warm but yeah like I am going to run up my electricity bill by doing that even if hubby would agree.

Yesterday I was so cold that I ended up having a hot bath to warm up and today it’s not much better, at least I do not have to go outside. It is also raining here today which is another reason I am glad I do not have to go outside.

I think I might make some chocolate muffins as I feel like chocolate but have none of course, earlier I had Kathy and her girls call in she asked me to watch Summer while she took Sydney-May to her swimming lesson which of course I did. While she was here of course she had to eat one of my Flake ice creams the girl reminds me of me……………..I like to go to my mums house and eat her food………….


8 thoughts on “It’s cold here…………how about there

    1. If I turned on a heater in summer hubby would be going on about it 10years later……………..oh right he does…………lol One summer 10yrs ago we had some really cold days and I had to have the heater on and he still goes on about it

  1. When I’m cold I bake! Like Louise said it’s summer here. It rained yesterday but today it’s supposed to be 25 and sunny! Come on over and bring your shorts!

  2. You are blessed with beautiful grandchildren! 😀 I know they bring you so much joy, and you are such a good grand to keep them. It has not been a very hot summer for us, which is rare. Do y’all always have such cold Julys in your part of Australia? What are your average lows for this time of year? I always have to remind myself when I read my Australian friends’ blogs that y’all are in a different hemisphere!

    1. Here temps during the days are usually around 20°C and at nights in gets down to around 10-15°C. Today it has been a lovely day nice and warm outside temp around 20°C but a warm 20 when it is overcast 20°C is cold.

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