Tim’s Discovery

I wrote recently about Leo’s discovery of computer games on the Cartoon Network website, now I am going to tell you what papa (hubby) has discovered today “you tube” he has been in his room watching clip after clip on you tube and asked me why did it take him so long to find it and that he didn’t know there was so many funny clips on it……………..

At least he gets you tube, when he tried Facebook he couldn’t get it and didn’t understand why so many people had Facebook pages and didn’t understand what people did on it.

It is good though to hear him laughing from down the hallway sometimes he is too serious and doesn’t laugh enough. He has a Samsung Tablet for 6 months now and is only just starting to understand how to use it……………lol


6 thoughts on “Tim’s Discovery

  1. My son seems to be addicted to YouTube. I often hear him laughing at some clip or another.
    I really only use it occasionally myself

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