Little Leo

Little Leo has discovered something new the Cartoon Network website he loves it, it was Thursday afternoon he was watching telly in Papa’s room and came out and asked me if he could have a look at the website so I found it for him and he is hooked he loves the games on it and ended up spending 3 hours on the site on Thursday afternoon. Then yesterday when he arrived here the first thing he said when he walked in the door was can I use the Cartoon Network site please……………………..and being the big softy I am I let him. Well as it turned out he was on the site till his papa made him get off it at bedtime…………..however, he really didn’t want to leave it and chucked a tantrum when he had to go to bed.

In fact last night I had a lot of trouble getting him to settle down and go to bed, papa turned off everything at 9pm but it was more like 3am before Leo settled down. At 11.15pm I woke up and realised he wasn’t in bed with us so I went into the spare room to make sure he was covered but he wasn’t there, I found him in the lounge room sitting in my armchair and when I asked what he was doing he goes “waiting for mum” I told him his mum may not be coming here tonight and he had to go to bed but he wouldn’t move so I walked off and left him………..thinking he would follow me into the bedroom in a few minutes but he didn’t at around midnight I came out and found him sitting at the computer trying to find the Cartoon Network website. I made him close the laptop and go into the bedroom he went climbed into his bed and said he wasn’t talking to me so I left him and went back to my bed but a few minutes later I heard his tv going he had got up and turned the tv on and put a movie on for himself to watch. I left him watching TV but I couldn’t settle and kept going and checking on him, he would look at me and say I am not going to sleep till mum gets here.

His mum didn’t come here last night though and when he got up this morning the first thing he said to me was can I use the computer now……… I would love to share with you a photo of him using the computer but papa took them with his phone and he isn’t here so I can’t ask him to for a photo to share………………….oh well maybe later.


4 thoughts on “Little Leo

  1. It doesn’t take much Joanne for them to get hooked. I don’t know what it is that attracts them so much. Good luck in working all that out — I’m sure it’s pretty challenging.

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