We are here for you…………….but never when you want us……………

Funny how it is that when you need someone to help you, you end up being out of luck and they can’t do it……………or as my daughter says……………….people always say I am here for you but when you need them they are not there, they are either too busy, have no petrol/car or have some other lame ass excuse as to why they can’t help you. Sometimes I feel like the only person I can rely on is me and hubby as felt like that for most of his life.

Now I am a lucky person because I do have a large and loving and supportive family but still there are times when I feel like I can’t rely on anyone.

Kathy-Lee is moving this week ok she is moving tomorrow and she has arranged for professional moves to do the work for them at a cost of like $600 but she felt that it would be impossible for them to find anyone willing to help them move, her dad is working all the bloody time and Michael’s ( her partner) parents also work so they can’t help and his best friend is useless he reckons he has a bad back ok for all I know maybe the guy does have a bad back but so do I……………………….

So she feels like that instead of trying to get someone to help them move it would just be easier to get someone else to do it for them, Michael is taking tomorrow off work to be there to supervise the movers Kathy will be at work making the money to pay for the movers………………..lol


9 thoughts on “We are here for you…………….but never when you want us……………

  1. And sometimes, I think it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to those who have the professional tools, and the muscles to do it!

    Me — I always like to pay movers to do the job. So much less taxing on me, and my friends 🙂

    1. I always wished I could ahve afforded to pay professional movers to move us when we had to move but it wasn’t an option I am happy that Kathy & Michael can afford to pay someone to do it for them

  2. Asa a former body builder, I used to move everything by myself. Now that I’m older, I let someone else do the heavy lifting. When someone says to me that they are there for me, I just smile, because they are just saying that to be polite. I would rather hear, “I’ll be there today, or tomorrow to help you.” They have now made a commitment, which to me indicates that they are going to be there for me. Blessings.

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