Identity Theft

How concerned are you about identity theft? I am concerned about it but not overly so maybe I should be more concerned about it but I am not. That said I do take precautions against it by shredding all documents that have personal information on them and by having my mail delivered to a post office box because we have had a problem in the past with our mail going missing. I know it is a real threat but I don’t see the point in getting my knickers in a knot over it the best I can do is take steps to prevent it which is what I am doing.

6 thoughts on “Identity Theft

  1. Our Paypal account was hacked, and that was scary, but Paypal did an excellent job setting things to rights. I think what you’re doing is about all you can do. I sometimes worry about the mail here in our neighborhood, so a PO Box is an excellent idea.

  2. I had someone attempt identity thief of my credit card and checking account. I belong to a credit union that has a fraud alert on the accounts. I was called within minutes and
    my credit card closed and checking frozen for a short period of time. The issues where
    resolved within 24 hours and a new credit card issued. I am very pleased with their
    awareness and fast service.

    1. That would be scary I have never had that type of problem but it happens to so many people all the time thankfully so many banks and such at good at catching it quick now days

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