An Award and Amazing Women

Hi all I was given this award by Pat over here I wish to thank her so much I am not sure how much sunshine I bring into people’s lives but I can hope it is a decent amount.

This morning Jessica and Leo turned up and she tells me that they are here for the night, not sure how I feel about that since I have a bloody headache, in fact my head feels too heavy for my body but as long as she doesn’t expect me to take care of him and run around after him.

This afternoon I am watching a show about the middle ages in fact it is about women in the middle ages and I find it fascinating I love history and love learning about women in history at the moment they are talking about a German nun Hildegard she was an amazing woman who became a saint only last year:

They are also featured Marguerite Porete for some reason I never thought of women writing books like both these women did let alone making more than one copy of the same book which Marguerite did and despite being threaten with being tortured for heresy, she was arrested for heresy in 1310 and found guilty and sentenced to death at the stake. You can still buy her book today it is called The Mirror of Simple Souls.

Of course you can’t make a show about amazing women of the middle ages without talking about one of the most famous of them all Joan of Arc who hasn’t heard of Joan but the these other women were also amazing and did wonderful things and should also be remembered.



9 thoughts on “An Award and Amazing Women

  1. Joan of Arc was indeed amazing. Wasn’t she 17 years old when she lead an army to free France? Back then just wearing men’s clothing (pants) was considered heresy! Congrats on the award Joanne – you deserve it!

  2. I love history, so I really appreciate this post! I thought I’d read this blog this morning. So happy I did! My youngest daughter wrote a paper about Joan of Arc last year. Fascinating! I want to read The Mirror of Simple Souls. 😀


  3. Hi Joanne – happy to see you sharing some sunshine and I’m glad you’re enjoying the award. Thank you for the fun reads and the link back. Have a great Monday! 🙂

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