Getting Older

Recently I have been feeling my age but don’t tell anyone………… I hate to admit it…………lol

However the older I get the more I feel the weather, I say weather because in summer the heat gets to me and in winter the cold gets to me and it gives me headaches. Yes you read that right the cold gives me headaches, the wind gives me headaches too so I do not like going outside on the colder days………..

Also getting old means that the arthritis in my knees play up and of course they are worse in the cold weather because that is the way life rolls…………………or maybe that should read it’s the way life creaks…………lol

Now also another part of getting older means we get more annoyed by all the idiots in the world and how the young ones are clueless and seem to think the world owes them something or rather which of course it doesn’t now I know not all young ones are like that I am not saying they are but the ones who are really piss me off…………….and why is it that there are so many young people who think it is ok to live on welfare oh yeah I know their parents lived on welfare so it is all they know.

Ok there are some good things about getting older such as being more laid back and not stressing out over the little things, I look back at myself when I was much younger I think damn I got all bent out of shape over some silly things.


14 thoughts on “Getting Older

  1. Love the quote at the top — as Diana said…. keep playing, laughing and stirring the pot — that’s one of the advantages of age — stirring the pot is that much more fun! 🙂

  2. Felt a little old last weekend at the wedding after reuniting with family after so many years. Realized how much time had passed and a reality check on the toll it’s taken.

    But, with those miles comes some really good memories, stories and friends I’ve added along the way that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

      1. So true Joanne — you’re right about that. We can’t hold back the time no matter how much we try.

  3. I need to start hormone therapy. The shortage of estrogen in my system is making me a total wack job… Blerch. Getting old is overrated!

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