Time Spent Away

While on our holiday to New Zealand’s South Island many people we came across found it fascinating that we were only having a week’s holiday ok 8 days but close enough to a week not the point the point is they thought we would had spent longer on holiday.

Tim and I however must be a little strange in that we do not like to be away from our family for very long after only 6 days we were missing everyone so much we were looking forward to returning home.

Now I know my parents the longest they have ever been away for was nearly 5 weeks and after 4 weeks they had to head home and the closer the get to home the more they want to get home and see everyone.

Even when my parents have been travelling Aus my mum will ring me each night around 6.10pm to have a chat, while in New Zealand I have so missed mums nightly calls. Now there may be some who do not realise that I not only speak to mum each night but I will see her between 2 and 4 times a week………………….lol Tim often wonders what it is we find to talk about…………..lol


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