Not Dead But Back


Yeah I am not dead but I bet some of you have wondered where I have been since it has been a while since my last post. Well if you didn’t know I went off on a holiday, yeah hubby and I went to New Zealand’s South Island for a week.

We started our holiday by flying into Wellington which for those who don’t know is in the North Island and we spent a night there before taking the Interisland Ferry across to the South Island where we picked up a hire car and travelled around the South Island for a the rest of our stay before flying out again from Christchurch.

The trip was good we stayed in some nice motels and hotels in fact there wasn’t a bad one this holiday which was nice, although the place we stayed at in Christchurch for our last night was small, well the complex wasn’t small just the room it was like you wouldn’t want to swing a cat as you would probably kill it……………lol

We visited some lovely places and I did have a good time more or less……………………….by that I mean there was a couple of days that I wasn’t real happy in fact I felt pretty down and sad and just wanted to come home. We were gone a total 10 days 9 nights as we left on the Friday afternoon after Tim got home from work and the trip to Sydney took forever as we got stuck in peak hour traffic but it was good that we didn’t have to leave early on the Saturday morning to catch our flight.

We are not ones to spend a long time away from our family; we miss them too much when we are away from them. We arrived home on Mother’s Day but it was late in the afternoon by the time we got back to Aus and around 8pm by the time we got home to our house. The first thing I did when we got home was have a hot bath then I found something to eat, thankfully I wasn’t that hungry as we were fed on the plane.

We flew with QANTAS this last time and it was so much better than Air New Zealand the staff was friendlier and as I said they fed us which didn’t happen with ANZ and the food was nice also. On the return flight they even offered alcohol so Tim had a screwdriver.

I did get a little annoyed with Tim as we both wanted to go to the toilet but first we wanted to find were the shuttle bus was which we did and after finding were to wait for it he decided to wonder off and find a toilet and in doing so caused us to miss the shuttle bus as it came while he was gone and didn’t wait around. So we had to get the next shuttle which meant a wait of 40minutes so I was annoyed. Tim was also annoyed mostly with himself for wondering off and agreed he should had waited or asked if anyone knew how long it would be till the shuttle would arrive.

I also had close to 900 emails when I returned to my main email account as I was unable to check that one while we were gone most of those were blog post that I follow via email so I just deleted pretty much all of the emails with exception of maybe 5 emails………………


6 thoughts on “Not Dead But Back

  1. Hi Joanne – happy you had a good time. Traveling is fun although I know it can take its toll. Glad you’re back and settling in. 🙂

      1. Well, we’ll be getting some traveling in this week traveling to Missouri for a long weekend for a wedding for my niece’s daughter. Looking forward to seeing family we haven’t seen in years.

        It’s a little different type of trip than a getaway with hubby but looking forward to a change in pace and getting away for a few days. 🙂

  2. Welcome back Joanne! Yeah 900 emails would be overwhelming for sure! Sounds like you had a good vacation. I know you miss your family when you’re away but it’s probably a good thing to get one-on-one with Tim too, right?

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